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You need childcare help. We got you!

Nothing beats meeting face-to-face. Feeling a person's energy and just knowing with your gut that this is the right fit! Finding care for your little one can be a daunting task right now! The childcare landscape is changing fast, so should we. 

You can search online for nanny referrals or get on waitlists for daycares, and still come up empty-handed. But there's a whole village right here, willing and able to help out! Full-time nannies, fill-in help, maybe just someone to help with school pick-ups and drop-offs, or maybe even another parent who would love to stay home and add a friend. Everyone's needs are different and nothing is better than talking in person!


Our model: 

It's just like speed dating! Parents purchase a ticket to our event. Parents get 5 minutes with each Sitter or Nanny to chat. All our Sitters and Nannies are background livescanned and checked through the Department of Justice.

If you like her, write her name and tag number down and submit it to us at the end of the event.

If she likes you and submits your tag number down, we exchange phone numbers after the event

and the best part...

we get out of the way. That's it!! 

Speed Meeting Sitter Events

No ongoing fees. No contracts. 
Just meet & greets!

No upcoming events at the moment


Feel free to contact us!

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