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Sitters & Nannies​

Are you looking for extra work in your area and would love to help a family in need?


Come check out our meet-and-greet events. Meet a bunch of families and see whom you vibe with the best! 

All our nannies need to have a livescan done before attendance. You only need to do this once, then you can attend as many events as you want, for free!

Create an online account with us. From here you can see your matches and events attended.

Chose a location and date that works best for you and get your free ticket.

All job seekers must have a livescan done once before attending any events. 

Come and meet great families looking for help. Remember they only get your contact info if you like than and they like you and there's a match made!

Here's the checklist to join.

  • Get a livescan done. You only need to do this once. Once this is completed, you can attend as many events as you like. If you already have one done, you can upload the results page to your Sitter Socials account.  You can search here to find a location. Results usually come back in a couple of weeks.

      Find livescan locations here.

  • Find an event near you and get your ticket! That's pretty much it! The events shouldn't run much longer than an hour. We will give you a pen and pad to keep notes and families that you just love! You turn in your choices upon exit and the next day we will exchange phone numbers. That's it! It is your responsibility to negotiate pay, work hours, etc.

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